TeleMental Health Eating Disorder Therapist (Part-Time)

Wednesday, November 06, 2019 8:22 AM | Marcella Cox

Kindful Body is hiring again! We are in search of a part-time licensed eating disorder therapist in California who is interested in doing TeleMental Health. Kindful Body is a collaboration of eating disorder professionals who have specialized training and a huge passion for working with older adolescents and adult women in recovery. We offer extra support and training in compassionate, weight-inclusive, trauma-informed care, including Internal Family Systems, Mindful Self-Compassion and the work of Dr. Brene Brown . Please feel free to pass along this job opportunity to others who may be interested.

TeleMental Health Eating Disorder Therapist 

Are you an eating disorder specialist who would LOVE to be doing impactful outpatient treatment with motivated clients, but don’t want to open up a private practice? Do you ever wish you could work from home, with a flexible schedule that allows you to have the work/life balance that traditional agencies and inpatient treatment centers just leave no space for? Do you love being an employee and not having to worry about the logistics of how to get clients, and just want to enjoy doing best practices, quality care? Yes? Wonderful, read on. 

Kindful Body is seeking passionate, experienced, licensed therapists with an eating disorder specialty to join our group outpatient eating disorder treatment center. We are expanding to meet the overwhelming need in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California for quality care for clients. 

Services are provided through a secure video platform with regular clients who you see weekly (or more during times of crisis). Caseload will build over time. Clinician needs to be available to see a minimum of 12 clients per week regularly once caseload is built, with no more than 20 clients a week. 

The perfect candidate feels comfortable on FaceTime, Zoom, or video, engaging with people, and is comfortable learning new technologies. When issues come up with clients, or in working relationships, you approach them directly with kindness and compassion, and you are willing to work through the bumps in the road of working with new technologies and a new treatment paradigm to ensure that clients are getting the best services possible. 

We are seeking a skilled therapist who wants to join our team:

  • In delivering weight-inclusive, Health At Every Size (HAES), trauma-informed and compassionate care

  • In supporting clients and their families during recovery

  • In believing that full and lasting recovery is possible

  • In providing virtual outpatient telemental health services for late adolescents and adults. Comfort in integrating family and support networks into treatment as needed. 

  • In administering case management, including making referrals, following up with the treatment team, consulting, etc. 


  • Extensive experience treating eating disorders

  • Experience working with people with trauma 

  • Familiarity with telehealth and ability to ensure virtual HIPAA-compliant care

  • Excellent clinical skills

  • Comfortable managing your own schedule

  • Licensed to provide therapy services in the State of California and fully insured


  • We have an industry leading compensation package that can allow the clinician to grow their income based on the volume of clients they see.

  • Flexible schedule

Physical Needs:

  1. A quiet confidential space

  2. A camera (mine is built into my laptop)

  3. Earbuds w/ a mic 

  4. Laptop, IPad, or computer that is capable of  streaming video

  5. Great internet (Be able to stream netflix without an issue)

Questions to include in your cover letter- people will not be considered for phone interviews without a cover letter covering the questions below: 

  • Why are you passionate about working with eating disorders? 

  • Why are you exploring a telemental health position and what skills do you bring to working online? 

  • What is your availability for seeing clients? 

  • What is your philosophy in working with eating disorders in the midst of our current diet culture? 

Please send cover letter and resume to Marcella Cox at

Marcella Cox LMFT, Kindful Body
Certified Eating Disorder Specialist • Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist • Certified Daring Way Faciliator • Certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher


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