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Karla Amanda Brown


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Karla Amanda
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  • LMFT
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1400 Coleman Avenue
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Santa Clara
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About My Therapy

Personal Statement
Have you found it hard to shift into love after feeling disconnected from others… disconnected from yourself?

If you’re like the hundreds of people I’ve worked with, you’re probably asking yourself, “What is wrong with me?” As you read this, take a moment to check in with the energy produced inside of you.

Do you feel motivated to seek further? I am sure the response is “no.”

Instead, experiment with questions such as: What’s right with me? How do the pains I am living with actually make sense? Am I ready to release the heaviness I have been carrying for too long?

If you’ve taken a bit of time to reflect, I’m sure you’ve got some feelings showing up.

We must feel to heal.

This is where I can be useful to you. You may have not learned to feel in a way that moves you forward. I am available to journey with you in order to discover what exactly it is that you need for optimal growth and healing.

Just as you have, I too have traversed this ball called earth. Along the way, I have learned from the people who accompanied me and helped me to transform stuck behaviors and unhelpful, shame-producing beliefs into understanding, contentment and joy.

My personal experiences have helped me to dedicate my professional life to learning about humans, the ways we hurt one another and the ways we hurt ourselves. With this knowledge, I serve as a guide to help people to hurt less and to feel the richness of life, walk in gratitude and enjoy connection with others again or for the first time ever.

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MA in Counseling Psychology, University of San Francisco 2012
Language Fluency
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Yes, I accept insurance
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SCV-CAMFT               P.O. Box 60814, Palo Alto, CA 94306               mail@scv-camft.org             408-721-2010

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