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  • Friday, December 18, 2020 2:56 PM | Anonymous

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    In Art and Psychotherapy, Shaun McNiff, a professor of Expressive Therapy wrote: "When art and psychotherapy are joined, the scope and depth of each can be expanded, and when working together, they are tied to the continuities of humanity's history of healing." Inspired by his musing and experience, here we are sharing a short video on TouchDrawing. WATCH HERE

    The pandemic has changed the therapy landscape for good: some of us now see clients online throughout the state. What about seeing clients across state lines, and even pushing the boundaries further? Here is a fascinating interview with a therapist who sees clients throughout Europe and does so in four different languages. WATCH HERE

    And from our own membership, CHECK HERE to view the Chapter Exchange Events Calendar where members are invited to share their professional events. If you need help posting your event or registering for the Chapter Exchange, send an email to

  • Wednesday, September 30, 2020 2:09 PM | Anonymous

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    Some things the editorial committee are reading and thought you might be interested in...

    Here you can find anti-racism educational articles, webinars, podcasts, e-courses, reviews of books, and much more for therapists and also for clients. A wealth of information:

    Take a test to find out about your implicit bias about various issues: race, gender/science, weapons, etc.

    Yet another approach to couples therapy. Rob Fisher, MFT, has an interesting e-training on how to do "deeper, more effective" work with couples using mindfulness to "reduce conflict and enhance intimacy".

    Do you sometimes find yourself in the therapy room wishing you could say something to your clients that you normally would reserve for a friend, a family member, or yourself? You know, something non-therapeutic? Find out what pops into Jeff Guenther's mind of Therapy Den.

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  • Tuesday, June 30, 2020 2:01 PM | Anonymous

    Want to know how somatic therapy works online? Interested in a video with tools? Check out this video by SCV-CAMFT member Brandy Vanderheiden.
    1580 W El Camino Real, Ste 2
    Mountain View, CA 94040

    Insights into why your mood may be turning sour after so many weeks of shelter in place.

    A 4-week series of webinars offered by world-renowned couples therapist Esther Perel on how to deal with the challenges of lockdown. Beautiful accent, lots of tips and common sense, filled with humor, and resources.

    The Art of Us: Love, Loss, Loneliness, and a Pinch of Humor Under Lockdown. Maybe the only place to find quiet and privacy after all is... the toilet! A fun piece by Lori Gottlieb.

    An article from Howard Scott Warshaw, Quarantine Lifestyle in the Age of Unforeseen Consequences, reflects on the challenges of living in a liminal space: adapting to this time of transition without knowing what the consequences will be.

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