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SCV-CAMFT can send your HTML or text email out to our membership. This is only available to SCV-CAMFT members. Organizations that are not SCV-CAMFT members can join as Institutional Members to use this service.

All ads must be pre-approved. The advertiser is responsible for sending ready to use inline style HTML code so the email will work well with all email formats, and all images in a ZIP file. You can send plain text, but there is no formatting with this option. We reserve the right to reject advertisements or marketing that does not meet with the professional standards of our organization or members. Emails will be identified as coming from advertisers and these will be scheduled to not conflict with the chapter's email marketing messages.

Enter your email address below and click "Add to Cart" to pay for your email send using your Credit Card or PayPal. After you pay for your email ad, send the content of the ad to We need a minimum of 7 days notification prior to running any email marketing.  All ads must be paid in advance. 

Please contact us via the Help tab on the right side of any page for more information.

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$150 for email to SCV-CAMFT members

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