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Web ads appear on numerous pages throughout our website and keep your ad visible while visitors and members browse our site. The content must be to promote your practice or benefit our members in some way.

Web ads can be text-based, graphical, or animated. Because they are small, it is useful to link your ad to a site with more information. When a visitor clicks on your ad, they can be taken to your website or a larger online ad.

Sponsor Level Members get a FREE online website ad. Consider joining or upgrading your membership to get this and other benefits.

Institutional Level Members get a FREE online website ad.  Businesses, if you are not already an Institutional Level Member, join SCV-CAMFT to get free ads and other benefits.

Sizes for Online Web Ads and Some Examples

(actual size)
180 pixels by 200 pixels
Sample Ad

Sample Ad

Online Ad Requirements

  • Please size your ad to the measurements above. Online ads are in pixels. Resolution is 72dpi.
  • Ads that are not correctly sized will not be published - we can resize your ad for $50.
  • We accept JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG and animated GIF files.
  • For readability, ads must use a minimum of 12pt font size.
  • Please make sure your ad complies with BBS regulations. 

The best and most successful ads are those that are simple, graphically pleasing, professional and have a strong call to action. There isn't room to have everything in these small ads - the link to the page with more information is where the details reside.  

Submitting Ad Material

Submit your ad to Please include the URL you want your ad to point to. Allow 3 business days from receipt of the final artwork for publishing. Use the green Help button at the bottom right of this page  if you have any questions.

Ad Payment
All ads must be paid in full before they will run. Select your ad duration, and pay using the button below. We accept PayPal and Credit Cards.

All ads must be approved by SCV-CAMFT.

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