The Athlete's Mindset: How To Help Normalize Mental Health in the Athletic Community presented by Megan Hankins-Maldonado, MA, LMFT
 (1.5 hours)

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Event details here: You can purchase 1.5 CEUs by adding them to your cart. Presentation by Megan Hankins-Maldonado, MA, LMFT
 During this presentation you will learn what it's like to be an athlete/coach/admin in the world of athletics and what the barriers are to why mental health is taboo and how we can help. We will also learn what life/work/balance from the lense of athletics can look like and how different it can be from corporate America. Program Goals The goal of this presentation is for participants to understand the pressures and struggles athletes and their coaches feel on a daily basis, to understand the stigma around mental health in this population, and to identify the needs within this population. Learning Objectives At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to: Name three misconceptions/beliefs of what it is to be an athlete/coach/admin. Identify three reasons why mental health is taboo in athletics. List two resources you can use to help athletic programs in need of therapists. About the Presenter My name is Megan Hankins-Maldonado and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and a mental health coach for athletes and coaches. I help overwhelmed, emotionally stressed, burnt-out athletes and coaches reclaim their life and their joy for the work they do. I am a true coach by nature and have been a college/high school basketball head/assistant coach for 15 years and completely understand the stresses and responsibilities that come with the job. I have an eclectic style and love to use metaphors to help my client’s understand things from a different lens. I want to help transform and normalize mental health within the world of athletics. Being coachable to change is asking one to be open to looking inside themselves, being interested in the process of growth & changing their behavior to get a different, more desirable result. I can be reached at

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