Understanding the Impact of Perinatal and Prenatal Experiences Presented by Holly Goldberg, PhD (3 hours)

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Event listing: https://scv-camft.org/event-4697548. 3 CEUs are included. Advances in the study of human development reveal that prenatal and perinatal experiences form the core foundation of life patterns. This workshop will help broaden the understanding of how these early experiences impact later development and will introduce ways to mitigate and heal potential stress and trauma that occur during this primary period. Professionals will learn how to apply these concepts to their own personal experiences and will learn ways to incorporate this perspective into assessments and interventions with children and adults. Program Goal The goal of this course is for participants to broaden their understanding of the impact of prenatal and perinatal experiences on later development and how these experiences are processed and stored so to improve efficacy of therapeutic supports and interventions. About the Presenter Holly Goldberg, Ph.D. has a doctorate degree in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and nearly two decades of experience in the fields of maternity care and early child development. Her published research specializes in decision making during childbirth with a focus on the discrepancies between evidence-based findings and health care practice. Dr. Goldberg has managed multiple large-scale community systems change initiatives aimed at improving outcomes for children and childbearing families.

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