The Psychological Burden of the Immigrant Child: A South Asian Perspective (1.5 CEUs)

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Presentation by Kalpana Asok, LMFT Program Goal The goals of the presentation include a more nuanced understanding of the stressors both cultural and social that contribute to families loading their children with their own un metabolized difficulties as immigrants. As a visible and economically successful group, this immigrant community has a lot to offer the country and the world. The children thrive in spite of the huge stressors they face from within. To help this community's general mental health, it is important that clinicians understand their inner lives. Learning Objectives 1. Identify at least 2 stressors in the community that are extra-familial 2. Name at least 3 kinds of immigrant privilege in some immigrant families 3. Identify 2 ways how "clumsy dating" & social contract marriages impact child rearing 4. Be able to name 3 ways how families choose connection over individuation TARGET AUDIENCE: LCSW, LMFT, LPCC, LEP To get the CEUs, you need to send an email to after viewing the recording. You will then be sent the evaluation and test. Event listing:

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