A Gentle Presence

Saturday, July 01, 2023 4:09 PM | Anonymous

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by Edna Wallace, LMFT

Well-being… what’s that?
Who knows.
But you know it when you see it—
a person whose
very presence
emanates a kind of peace.
Secure attachment?
Who knows what that is.
But again you recognize it
right in front of you—
in a person raised
by a good enough mom.

Anne’s a presence …
she guides people in.
She’s the first person you see
when you arrive.
There she is behind the glass,
at her desk,
greeting everyone.
The ones she knows
she checks in with—
she mentions the weather
or a book they both like
or she asks about their kids.
The new ones she welcomes
calmly, smiling;
Ann’s not in a rush.

She knows them by name,
connecting with ease,
with confidence.
And all this for no pay—
for a meaningful life,
a structured life,
a life of kindness.

It’s not easy to join
a senior center
(you have to admit
you are one first).
You have to like people
and want connection
or be bored and lonely
to walk through the door.
Once you’re there,
you may wonder
why you waited so long.

But Anne makes it easy,
Anne’s the gentle presence
at the helm.

That is well-being…
what many
people spend
years in therapy
and thousands of dollars
trying to achieve—
to be raised again by
a good enough mother.

There’s a lot to learn
from a volunteer
like Anne.

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