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Tuesday, June 15, 2021 4:43 PM | Anonymous
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by Jacqui Gerritsen, LMFT

Jacqui has been licensed since 2007. She joined the SCV-CAMFT board in 2015, initially as the Communication and Technology Director. She has a private practice in Palo Alto and San Mateo and is certified in TEAM-CBT level 2. She works with teens and adults and uses both a family systems model as well as a supportive, humanistic approach.

Greetings, all! As we move into summerwe hope you will have an opportunity to do some traveling or self care to decompress from the past 16 months of isolation. Personally, I am going to Tahoe later this month and very much looking forward to it. 

The Governor has announced that on June 15 the mask mandate will be lifted with the exception of a few places including Healthcare settings. How does this impact our practices? Many of us are getting requests to return to our offices. Are you ready to go back to in-person sessions and are you comfortable seeing patients with masks? Personally, I am planning a hybrid practice going forward. I plan to begin seeing a few vaccinated clients in the office (without masks). I would eventually like to have 1-2 days a week in my physical office. But many of my clients are very happy with Telehealth, so I will continue to offer this option

This past March we were pleased to have Tiffany McLain of present on Working with Fees in a Clinical Situation. She was a dynamic and energetic presenter, whose content was pertinent to our work. If you missed her presentation and want to see it please contact Nancy Orr, our Chapter Coordinator, at and she will send you the link. I joined her Lean In Make Bank community and I can vouch for the effect it has had on me personally. I am getting more comfortable talking about fees with clients. And I am also reaching out more to the nation-wide community of therapists who are in the Lean In Make Bank community. This community is my favorite part, you can talk to people and know they are going through the same things that you are. I have a specific goal of what I want my earnings to be this year (which is new for me). And the goal of the training is to increase your income by 30-50% in the first year. This is about knowing what we are worth, asking for what we need. There is no shame in asking to get paid for the work that we do.

Coming up this summer we have our next online social on June 19 hosted by Ursula Jorgensen. We are calling it Art Therapy Encore, because her first online social offering Art Therapy sold out!  So this is your chance if you missed the first one.  Space is limited so sign up early. On 17 July, Phyllis Klein, a certified poetry therapist will lead an experiential workshop, Writing for Healing, on the therapeutic use of poetry in groups. We hope to see you there as well! Space will be limited to afford as many participants the time to share their creation. Sign up early! We will also have a luncheon training on August 27 by Kathryn Ford on Couples Therapy

You may have received a blast email letting you know that we are continuing our efforts to get to know you, members of our community, better. So, we are planning on meeting with those of you interested in a free cup of coffee or tea at your favorite cafe. Learn more HERE, stay tuned for dates, times, and locations around the Bay.

On September 17 we are pleased to announce the return of Dave Jensen for our Law and Ethics Workshop. At this point we are still unclear whether it will be in person or virtual: stay tuned for details as things open up. 

I hope you stay well and healthy, and I look forward to seeing you all in person again. Hopefully in September at the Law and Ethics Workshop!

Jacqui Gerritsen
President SCV-CAMFT

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