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SCV-CAMFT Mentor Program

SCV-CAMFT provides a mentoring program that allows experienced members to offer support and guidance to members at an earlier stage of professional development. In an MFT career, there are many possible benefits from mentoring. These could be during practicum, internship, preparing for exams, starting private practice, or other transitions. The nature of mentoring involves developing a professional identity, defining your private practice, how to best practice self-care, or other areas of focus. 

Mentors names will be listed on the Mentor Directory page on the chapter website, This directory is only visible to members. Potential  mentees can view the list and select someone they would like to work with. The mentee then contacts the mentor, and the two discuss how they might work together. If both think there is a good match, they decide how they will proceed. If not, the mentee can contact someone else. 

The Mentor Program is voluntary. Mentoring is not intended to provide therapy, be supervision or case consultation, and no compensation is permitted. Mentoring relationships typically last for about six months. Participants agree on how often to meet, whether in person or by phone, and other parameters. Once these parameters are decided, the participants sign a Mentor Program Engagement Agreement. This is to ensure each participant has clarity on what is expected, such as a tentative start and end date. This agreement is submitted via email to the Mentor Program Chair, so that the chapter can have visibility as to how many people are utilizing this benefit and to periodically evaluate how well the program is working. The Mentoring relationship is managed solely by the participants.


How to Find a Mentor

  • Express interest by selecting YES for the "I want a Mentor" field in your online profile.
  • Identify specific goal(s) you want to work on.
  • Review the mentor directory and contact someone you think will be a good match for you. 
  • Make initial contact, set up meetings, keep attention on your goals.
  • Be self-directed – operate as an adult learner.
  • Make commitments and keep them.
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries (does not use the mentor as a therapist or supervisor)

Ask for help here: mentorprogram@scv-camft.org.

How to Become a Mentor

  • Express your interest by selecting YES in the "I want to be a mentor" question in your online profile. 
  • Describe what you are offering to a mentee in the "My Mentor Description" in your profile.
  • A mentee will contact you and you both decide if it is a good fit.
  • You will work with your mentee to establish and achieve agreed-upon goals / activities.
  • Share your knowledge and experience, offering appropriate resources.
  • Provide encouragement and support.
  • Make commitments and keep them.
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries (a mentor is not a therapist or supervisor)

How to Fill Out the Mentor Description

Once you select YES in the "I want to be a Mentor", you will be listed on the mentor page of our website. Your "My Mentor Description" will appear there. This description will help mentees find a mentor that is a good fit. 

Example: I have been in private practice for 10 years. I work with families and children using Bowenian Family Therapy. I’m interested in mentoring on exam prep, marketing, and self-care. 

Suggested Areas for Mentoring: The Road to Licensure, Clarity around Future Direction, Exam Prep, Establishing a Private Practice, Defining Professional Identity, Marketing, Creativity in Psychotherapy, Running Groups, Theoretical Orientation, Professional / Personal Boundaries, Self-Care / Balance, Working in an Agency or Non-Profit, Finding Internship Placements, How to Find Private Practice Internships, Art Therapy, The Process of Psychotherapy, Continuing Education, Specific Clinical Topics (ex: working with children), Countertransference in Psychotherapy, or Other Topics.

Remember, Mentoring is not Therapy, Supervision or Case Consultation.

SCV-CAMFT Mentor Program Resources

Once you have engaged in a mentorship, please download the Mentor Program Guidelines and Engagement Agreement. Both participants sign it. The mentee scans and emails it to the Mentor Program Coordinator at mentorprogram@scv-camft.org.

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