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  • Wednesday, December 16, 2020 2:40 PM | Anonymous

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    On Saturday, November 14, 2020, Carol Hadlock died peacefully holding her daughter’s hand.

    Carol was a founder of Process Therapy Institute along with her husband Don Hadlock who passed earlier this year in January. She was a major influence on the San Francisco Bay Area therapy world and ran Process Therapy Institute (PTI) for over 30 years. Carol and Don were groundbreakers in their approach to therapy. She brought an ability to be whatever the client needed at any moment that was charming and so simple in appearance, and yet brilliant when you witnessed the depth of her vision.  

    Carol’s approach benefitted clients and other therapists alike in that she fundamentally changed their view of their world and relationships in them. Hundreds of clients and therapists are forever touched and changed because of Carol’s vision of healing.  

    The Board at Process Therapy wants to acknowledge that we lost not only an integral part of PTI, but a giant in her own right in the therapy world. Carol and Don both shunned the limelight, but rather worked on creating their own army of Process Oriented therapists and in that they both succeeded. We wish to extend our condolences to their daughter Danyle, son-in-law Peter Johansson, as well as her son David and her three grandchildren, AnaLisse, David, and Linnae.

    Memorial Ceremony to be named at a later time.

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  • Wednesday, December 16, 2020 2:23 PM | Anonymous

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    by Rowena Dodson, Director at Large

    We have the pleasure of honoring two long-time board members who will be departing (mostly) at the end of this year. Debra Rojas began serving on the board in 2010 and Nancy Andersen has been serving since 2013. Nancy will be ending her current term as board secretary this month, although she has agreed to stay on until a new secretary is seated. Debra, who has most recently served as CFO, will continue on for now to serve as historian. This will be tremendously helpful to the current and incoming board, made up mostly of newer members and recently licensed therapists. Both Debra and Nancy have been mentors to me in my first year on the board. Their knowledge and experience after such long service is deep and wide. And they are both very generous in offering their counsel on matters relating to the chapter.

    We asked both of them to share some thoughts and memories of their time on the board, which they have graciously done.  See below to hear each of them in their own words.

    We as a chapter want to express our deep appreciation for their stewardship and careful leadership during this past decade. Many many thanks.

    by Debra D. Rojas, LMFT

    It was in the newly-licensed group that it happened …. An SCV-CAMFT board member came to the group and announced the chapter was looking for new board members.

    I perked up when she said how being a board member helped her build her practice. Isn’t that what every newly-licensed therapist would like to hear? I took the leap and applied for the Secretary position and my tenure began in 2010.

    I served as board secretary for 4 years and in subsequent years I served as president-elect, president, past president and most recently chief financial officer. Additionally I was on the Sponsorship Committee with Elizabeth Basile and led by Nancy Andersen.

    CAMFT annually hosts a Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC), where board members gather and receive training through a number of workshops on topics such as marketing, financial issues, fundraising, technology and more. I loved attending the CLC because it afforded me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with my counterparts from other chapters throughout California.

    At the CLC, awards are given for the Chapter of the Year, and each chapter nominates one of their members for the Chapter Leadership Award. I was honored to receive the award from our chapter. Serving in a leadership role enabled me to become more acquainted with state CAMFT, and I was asked to travel with CAMFT to Washington DC and lobby our legislators, to approve legislation enabling therapists to accept Medicare and for the VA to allow LMFTs to work with their veterans. We thought the Medicare legislation would be approved first, but shortly after returning from Washington I read in The Therapist that they passed legislation enabling LMFTs to work for the VA.

    The opportunity was a very rich experience. Although one day, while I was somewhere inside the capitol meeting with Representative Pelosi’s staff, we heard over the PA system that there was a shooter in the building and employees were to shelter in place. Great! What are we supposed to do? I was scared—thinking I had no way to escape, I didn’t know where the shooter was, how long it would last, and a ton of other thoughts that raced through my mind in a nanosecond.

    Once the shooter was arrested, we were able to relax. But I must say, there is never a dull moment when you travel with state CAMFT!

    Board service was a very rewarding experience for me. I was able to utilize my skills from my prior career for the benefit of the chapter, and I made wonderful friends along the way. Although I would like to tell you that serving on the board did build my practice, the truth is, it built me. I became more comfortable and confident as a therapist and as part of the larger professional organization.

    I hope more of you will throw your hat into the ring and volunteer for the board of directors at some point in your career. If you’re interested, you can contact our chapter coordinator, Nancy Orr, or our president, Jacqui Gerritsen.

    by Nancy Andersen, LMFT

    At some point during my board service, I lost track of when it all began.  A quick look at old newsletters on our chapter website revealed that I joined the board as director of business development in 2013, just months after earning my license.

    Like many others, I agreed to try board leadership as a way to get to know other therapists. I was flattered to be recruited and excited to serve with more experienced colleagues. My job was to develop a sponsorship program to fund chapter activities. The idea was to create a way for companies who wanted to talk to our membership to pay for this privilege. I struggled to move forward with this task until I turned to two other board members who were interested in the project and agreed to join me.  

    With Debra Rojas and Elizabeth Basile on board, we began to meet regularly, creating policy, dealing with resistance and making progress. We got to know and trust each other. I can’t recall now how much money we generated through these efforts, but I remember that working together is what made our limited success possible. Two years later, it was time to find a new task.

    Eagerly I moved into the ethics seat on the board. This was an easy job after the first – mainly lining up Michaels and CAMFT’s Dave Jensen for the annual law and ethics presentation—and attending board meetings. I am wrapping up my final year of service as secretary, joining the executive committee and taking minutes.

    Perhaps the best part of serving in any capacity on the board is the opportunity to participate freely in everything that comes before us as chapter leaders. We get to weigh in, consider and ultimately make decisions that determine what services, programs, topics and benefits the chapter will provide to members and the manner in which these will be provided. We get to decide how our chapter deals with CAMFT leadership and policies.

    What a way to make our chapter relevant to yourself and others!  

    As I end my time, I want to express my appreciation to the colleagues who served alongside me—working with each of you is what makes this so rewarding.

    And to any of you who want to influence and guide our chapter through the next two years, I invite you to begin your own journey of SCV-CAMFT board service.

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  • Wednesday, December 16, 2020 2:16 PM | Anonymous

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    Jia Rebecca Li, LMFT, MA, JD, feels honored for the opportunity to support the important causes for which SCV-CAMFT stands and advocates, and to be more involved with the Bay Area therapist community. She believes that the professional resources and networking opportunities made available by the SCV Chapter are invaluable and would love to help more local therapists benefit from them. In her private practice, Rebecca specializes in grief work (having trained at Kara), couples therapy (Gottman level-II, Couples Institute), and culturally informed psychotherapy with Asian clients. Her clinical work is also informed by her significant prior experiences working in the competitive settings of large law firms, an international investment bank, and multiple startups in the U.S. and Asia, which have helped her appreciate the demand and complexity of the work/life dynamics facing her clients. Additionally, as a bilingual therapist (English and Mandarin), she hopes to find more ways to support minority therapists and generally enhance cultural competence in our work. Rebecca holds degrees in psychology (B.S., Beijing University, China; M.A., The University of Chicago), counseling (M.A., Palo Alto University) and law (J.D., The University of Chicago Law School). She enjoys reading, morning walks, contemplative and mindfulness practices, and volunteering in the community.

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  • Wednesday, December 16, 2020 2:04 PM | Anonymous

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    Claire V. Thomas, MA, LMFT

    I opened my practice, Claire Thomas Psychotherapy, in Los Altos in July 2020. I enjoy working with children, teens, and adults with a focus on healing from losses of all kinds and trauma. I am a strength-based therapist. I believe that each one of us has the potential to change, heal, and grow, no matter what we have endured. I take a collaborative and nurturing approach to help people reconnect with their innate resilience, develop new coping skills and find more meaning and joy in their lives. I am currently offering both teletherapy and in-person services. I can be reached at clairethomastherapy@gmail.com

    Moitreyee Chowdhury, LMFT

    Hello Friends, I have enjoyed being part of this wonderful community of therapists in our community for a while. I have been working as a therapist in the intensive outpatient program for children and youth at Gardner Health Services. I recently moved to a new position as a supervisor for the Cal WORKS program. Soon I will be joining Jim Arjani, LMFT at https://www.mtnviewtherapy.com/. My therapeutic belief is grounded in helping my client find their self-determination and their underlying strengths. I am interested in integrating in my practice the intersection of the cultural and familial dynamics, the stories of immigration, grief, loss, and self-worth, with a trauma-centered lens. I use TF-CBT, CBT, feminist theories, strength-based therapy, and family systems work. I provide services in additional languages of Bengali and Hindi. 

    Kevin Cornelius, LMFT

    I’m in private practice at The Feeling Good Institute, currently doing all sessions with online video sessions. I work with teens and adults on healing from Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Problems and Habits/Addictions. I’m a Level 3 Certified TEAM-CBT Therapist. My website is www.Tools4Change.me. I can be reached at kevin@feelinggoodinstitute.com and 650-206-9049. Thank you!

    Liliana Ramos, LMFT

    I am proud to join this amazing group of licensed healers. I am a bilingual (Spanish and English) marriage and family therapist, who is an immigrant and a military veteran. During the past three years, I have worked at school-based, community health, and private clinic settings. Today, I offer an integrated therapy to adults, children, couples, and families, who are experiencing trauma, grief, acculturation challenges, anxiety, depression, and other mental health needs. As part of the therapy, I explore with clients their emotional, physical, and spiritual parts through a culturally-sensitive lens. I continue to train in trauma treatment, sensorimotor psychotherapy, psychodynamic therapy, military psychology, and play therapy. In the future, I hope to train in immigration evaluation. If you would like to connect, I can be reached at llramosmft@gmail.com.

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  • Wednesday, November 18, 2020 2:02 PM | Anonymous

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    Natalie Shahar, LMFT

    I am grateful and excited to join this wonderful community of licensed therapists. On my path to licensure I have worked in school-base settings and private practice with a variety of populations. In my private practice I work with adults, adolescents, and couples on relationship issues, parenting, and other life challenges such as anxiety and depression. I work with women coping with perinatal anxiety and depression, challenges related to motherhood and life transitions, among other issues. Please consider referring adult and teenage clients who may need support around those areas. I invite you to check out my website https://www.natalieshahar.com/

    Peter Cellarius, LMFT

    Hi there!  Peter here, so proud and glad to be joining this tribe of healers.  Thank you for taking a few moments to read about me.  I do a lot of work with couples; I have EFT Beyond Core Skills training and see a dozen couples a week.  I am also completing my third year of Somatic Experiencing training which I use in trauma work; as well as ACT (Advanced) training which I love.  Oh, and also – EMDR – I am struck each time how powerful it is with clients – and Intensive Fundamentals in Ericksonian Hypnosis.  Phew! I so look forward to meeting and connecting with many of you.  BTW I am also on the CAMFT State Board, so if I can ever help, just reach out. Please visit my website https://yourgrowthcounseling.com/about/.

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  • Wednesday, September 16, 2020 2:08 PM | Anonymous
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    Recognizing Mary VanRiper, LMFT!

    We want to recognize board member Mary Van Riper, Director of Special Events, for her hard work in bringing the chapter together after COVID hit. Mary brought her research skills to the board and created the survey that we sent out in April. The board received a terrific response to the survey with one quarter of our membership returning responses. Mary and Nancy Orr spent countless hours analyzing the results and following up with members about concerns they had expressed in the survey, COVID-related challenges they were experiencing, and ways that they would be willing to help fellow members. The results were published in the June issue of the newsletter. Mary then went on to help create the monthly social gathering that we have enjoyed in July and August and which we plan to continue. Thank you, Mary! 

  • Wednesday, September 16, 2020 10:59 AM | Anonymous
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    Junko Yamauchi, LMFT, is excited to join the SCV-CAMFT board of directors, as the Director of Newly and Pre-licensed Members. Among other duties, she will recruit as needed and oversee the facilitators of the pre-licensed and newly-licensed support groups. She is also a facilitator herself of one of the pre-licensed groups. Junko has been highly involved with SCV-CAMFT as a member of the support groups, as a leader of a support group, and as a volunteer at the luncheons. She has her own practice in Santa Clara and now only offers Telehealth. Her passion is working with immigrants, especially Asian Americans dealing with multicultural and/or identity issues. She is also trained to work with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Her recent interest is Brainspotting and she completed the phase 1 training. She is hoping to finish the phase 2 training to be certified. Junko is originally from Japan and enjoys watching Japanese TV programs to keep up with the latest trends in Japan!

  • Saturday, August 15, 2020 2:20 PM | Anonymous

    dariah brown, AMFT

    Dariah Brown, AMFT, is still earning hours at her job at Gardner Family Health Network. She has about 800 hours to go before reaching her 3000 hours. dbrownmft@gmail.com 

    Lissa Dutton, AMFT

    Lissa Dutton, AMFT, most recently worked at Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) doing school-based work and working with in-house clients. She submitted her 3000 hours to the BBS in December and hopes to hear soon that she can take the exam.

    Jyoti Nadhani, LMFT

    Jyoti Nadhani, AMFT (and a SCV-CAMFT board member) is scheduled to take her exam May 1. She is concerned the date may be delayed given shelter-in-place restrictions. Jyoti works in private practice. https://www.jyotinadhani.com/ 

    connie, AMFT

    Connie (not her real name), AMFT, has been working at an agency and also in private practice since she submitted her hours in June 2019. It took 5.5 months to get them approved by the BBS. She needed accommodations to take the exam given a health issue, so her approval process took longer than normal. She was finally scheduled to take the exam March 18 and then the day before the testing center closed. She is now in limbo not knowing when she can expect to take the exam.

    Sharon Greenstein, LMFT

    Sharon Greenstein, LMFT, had submitted her hours in July 2019 and was approved to take the exam in early December. She took the exam in February and was licensed in late March. She had taken time off from her last position at CHAC to study and take care of her family. She would like to open her own private practice now.

    Natalie Shahar, AMFT

    Natalie Shahar, AMFT, works for CHAC doing school-based counseling at a middle school.  She also works in private practice.  She has about 30 hours to go to have her 3000 hours. 

    monica, AMFT

    Monica (not her real name), AMFT, works for an area agency in an Intensive Outpatient Program for youth.  She completed her 3000 hours in March (she is still collecting hours for her LPCC).  She has not yet submitted her MFT hours to the BBS and has found it more difficult to get final signatures and other administrative details done during this time when her supervisors are sheltering at home.

    susan, AMFT

    Susan (not her real name), AMFT, finished her hours at the end of February but found it difficult during March to get her hours signed off from her supervisors, again because the supervisors were then sheltering in place. She did submit her hours to the BBS on April 1. She most recently worked at CHAC.

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